Online Photo Shoot – Quarantine Portraits

We hadn’t considered doing Online Photo Shoot before, since our photography seeks proximity to people, couples and families. Being present, face to face, is very important for us.

However, through a video call, we managed to be close to people in a new way. It has been an incredible experience to shoot by distance and we have discovered a great power.

Online Photo Shoot – How does it work?

The video is in Portuguese (our maternal language) but you can see the entire process 🙂

Online Photo Shoot – Eternalize your moment even in Quarantine

A beautiful sunny day, the lights come in through the window, the colors vibrate and reflect in your eyes. The desire to go out, run and thank the beautiful day out there. An outdoor photo shoot with the sunset at the end, the colors of that sunset reflecting on you, would be perfect.

We can’t go out, for our own protection, we should stay at home and what good is that if it’s a beautiful day outside? It is our responsibility to stay at home, we are responsible for ourselves and for others.

But since we have to stay, we can make a day at home happier. We can wear the clothes we like best, a smile on our face and record those moments, which are also part of our story.

It is also a time to celebrate life. Thank you for being well, enjoying your home and valuing everything you are and have.

Online Photo Shoot for Pregnant women and Newborn

A record that could not be postponed or canceled is the photograph of someone who is generating a life, the belly and the baby will not wait to grow.

So we had the idea of creating an online growth monitoring essay, which is a photographic coverage from the last or penultimate month of pregnancy, until the child turns 1 year old. There are 14 sessions in total.

And in the end, when all is well, without contamination problems, we will give the family the opportunity to do a face-to-face test, outside the home, killing the longing for the sun, nature and the outdoors.

Click here to learn more about the Online Follow-up essay.

online photo shoot
online photo shoot
online photo shoot
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wedding photographer in porto
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Online Photo Shoot for Creative people and Brands

For creative professionals who need to showcase their products online, who may not have a good knowledge of mobile photography, we can help.

The idea of the online session for creative professionals arose when we thought that many professionals need to continue to publicize their work on social networks.

It also comes with a bonus, which is the introduction of the Photography Workshop on Mobile done by Nathalia, which can guide the professional at other times when he will need to photograph some of his products, so that he can do it by themselves.

Click here to learn more about Online Photoshoot for Professionals.

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Online Session for Couples

Photographing couples in their home, in their intimacy has always been something we love, being able to register every corner of the house, a place where they are more comfortable, playing with the lights, leaving them free to sit wherever they want. Registering a normal day, of affection and looks that normally only lead alone, is incredible.

The online rehearsals for couples come at a great time because many weddings have been postponed and it is a way of not letting that date pass, also since everyone has to stay at home, the ideal is to make this time well spent, put a beautiful outfit and celebrate love!

Click here to learn more about the Online Photo Shoot for couples.

love session at home
love session at home
engagement session at home
on line photo shoot for couples
on line photo shoot for couples
on line photo shoot for couples
on line photo shoot for couples

It will pass soon and soon we will meet again for a hug and to watch the sunset at the end of the horizon. In the meantime, we’ve enjoyed the trip in the best possible way. Let’s go together!

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