How is the form of payment? The date is reserved by payment of 35%. One month before the wedding the second payment of 35% is made and one month after the wedding the payment of the last installment must be made. All rates already include VAT.

How is the delivery of the albums? We prefer whenever possible to deliver by hand. When this is not possible, we will ship to your address or work address. We will calculate the delivery tax and wait to see if you want to proceed.

How long do I receive the photographs? The delivery of the photos has two stages: within 48 hours after the wedding we send a preview to kill curiosity and within 3 months after the wedding we send the final photographs. For the album, after selection and approval of the layout will be up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Are we going to get together to talk about the wedding? We want to create friendship bonds for eternal photography, so we propose 4 meetings. The first meeting we get to know each other, the second is when we confirm that your wedding will be photographed by us, the third is moments before the wedding, it can be a week or a month before and the fourth is when we will personally deliver your photos, and live this emotion together.

Why we don’t make video? We specialize in recording moments through photographs. Many companies offer everything, but we believe in less quantity and more quality. We offer our best because we know the importance of these records that will last forever, so we specialize in photography. We have great videographer partners that we are happy to point out!

Any questions that were not listed here just send us an email and we can talk! Our communication channel is open for you!

wedding photographer in porto

wedding photographer in porto